Monday, October 16, 2017

My SUPER slow road to Fort 51

I am finally started making my dream of playing Raid on Fort 51 ( ) with Minis to represent everything. and my first order of business is the Auto-gyro. 
Here is the ever useful Velocipede sidecar gunner from the Deadlands Great Rail War line. 

Bits of the GW Dwarven Gyro-Copter...
And a plasti-card and balsa for the body with these little glass beads for rivets.

Up next the Steam wagon!

Long way back

I have been very distracted and all but forgotten this poor little blog. I have mostly taken to other social media to share my love of the hobby. My exploits can most easily be followed here My Instagram. Since my last posts I have ditched the Hirst Arts molds moved to 3-D printing for my terrain needs.
Enter the Monoprice Select! Now, there is a bit of a learning curve to printing. I have however enjoyed the process and I think the results speak for themselves. I DO NOT claim to be an expert as far as 3-D Printing, but I feel like I learn something every time I turn the thing on. 

 These incredible models are available through Printablescenery. Gorgeous stuff!

 These are signs I created just using Tinkercad. Quick and easy...

They paint up, fast and easily. They mix in very nicely with all of my resin and laser cut scenery. These have detailed interiors and create a nice variation to all my existing stuff. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Fantasy Distraction.

I have fallen into the the hobby inside a hobby of casting terrain in dental plaster. Yup, since I last was here I have become one of many Hirst Arts junkies. Spurred on by the awesome stuff I have been seeing on the on the Fantasy RPG terrain page on Facebook...those guys have been a bad influence on me, let me tell you. I figure the casting can  go cross genre and work in my cowboy towns and tables.
My first casting project has been a "by the book" Hirst arts water cavern. It has been fun for me to scrap together and I like the idea that if you need more...just cast it. Not only do I have the stuff below but I have tons of barrels, crates, grain sacks and the like which could easily fit in with my wester town.
And don't get me started on the Dwarven Forge Game Tiles Kickstarer... I have pictures of those if anyone is interested...

 I based these on 1/8 Masonite to match up with the Dwarven Forge Gametiles, plus I had a TON of it in my garage from all of my various projects.

So many was to get distracted...

We Got a Rattler Problem!?

Hello...Hello??? I am not sure if any one is out there anymore or ever were. If you were, I apologize I have had a severe case of project ADD. I have been able to recently work on something I have had sitting on my bench for nearly a year. I have been so bad.

I give to you my Baby Rattler from my favorite game world ever Deadlands.

Here he is waiting on my "mobile command center." This is how he sat waiting for me to work on him.

He is made from a Reaper Bones Purple Worm with Tentacles from a Reaper conversion sprue and a Monsterpocolpse by Privateer Press (My son Loves those things.) And I like farming them for tentacles, they have been cheap at my local 5 Below stores.

Here he sits awaiting some flock and gravel to round out the base. I also plan to make a gargantuan version (5x5 base at least0 out of the insulation foam I have been stock piling in my garage.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My first trip to Huzzah!

This was my first ever trip to a strictly gaming convention and Huzzah it was. I met some AWESOME people and played some cool games. I even won a copy of In Her Majesty’s Name...I never win anything...The thing I noticed when I got there was everyone's willingness to spread the hobby, share tips tricks and rule sets. I can't wait for next year!

Shootout at the Greenhouse, starring lots of my buildings!

During this dice HATED me and my crappy tactics probably didn't help...but my dice did hate me.

The above are shots of the awesome table of one J.Mike Paine. Mike was kind enough to let me sit in on a couple of games. As soon as I walked in to Huzzah I gravitated to this table. Really nice stuff!

It has been a long, long time...

What Have I been up to? Well, building game board, workbenches, mines and mine shafts. And I am doing them all very sssssssssllllllooooooooowly (see five minute rule.) I really took my cues from Terrain Templar on YouTube. I have found his videos very helpful and thorough. 
I am making 2x2 modular boards with a desert theme. I am making four flat boards and four with corner hills (one of which will be a mine entrance.)

Above is the 2x2 waiting for the Liquid Nails dry.

One of the many Mine entrance configurations.

This isn't even the final entrance is an "evolving process"

Getting to know my foam cutters and sand.

Test paints...

The 2 tier hill is the color I am going to go with for the boards and the small hill will be inside the mine.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Glimpse of Ghostwater, Utah...

LeMort and Sons are the undertakers in Ghostwater. There is LaMort senior, the embalmer, and his two sons who retrieve the "customers" - needless to say they do a brisk business in Ghostwater!

The Abernathy is about the only good plate of grub in the town. Clay Driscoll is the cook and after years on various cattle drive chow lines he learned more than a thing or two about cooking up some mean vittles.

Marshal Brodie Buchanan is exactly what Ghostwater needs to have any semblance of law and order. A Union soldier during the Civil War, Marshal Buchanan has seen more than his fair share of bad men as well as a few things he'd like to forget - bottom line he always seems to live to tell about it.

Trimmel's General Store is a gold mine in the middle of Ghostwater. It seems this place has just about one of everything. The place is a mess and it takes some looking at times, but if you need it - no matter how odd - Ed Trimmel probably has one!

The Utah Apothecary is run by Chase Ashby, he's an inventor of sorts, though his contraptions never seem work quite right. His main line however is mixing up remedies for whatever ills torment the folks of Ghostwater. He and Doc Zane have a good working relationship and between the two of them they keep the townsfolk as healthy as they can be.

Folks are mighty proud of their dwellings on the outskirts of Ghostwater, as some say, "this berg is set fer a boom!"

...that is unless there's a bear in the neighborhood!

Boxing matches always draw a crowd, Doc Zane and Deputy Zip Bennet is always eager to call a fight for a couple dollars!

Gunfights are another common occurrence, and also draw a crowd, Deputy Zip Bennet runs to these for a different reason!

Ghostwater is not above some oddity as well. Here we see the famous Texas Ranger CW Stackpole with a pair of preachers facing down a pair of Nosferatu  with Mr. LaMort in the distance wondering if he's going to have a few "clients" soon.