Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Fantasy Distraction.

I have fallen into the the hobby inside a hobby of casting terrain in dental plaster. Yup, since I last was here I have become one of many Hirst Arts junkies. Spurred on by the awesome stuff I have been seeing on the on the Fantasy RPG terrain page on Facebook...those guys have been a bad influence on me, let me tell you. I figure the casting can  go cross genre and work in my cowboy towns and tables.
My first casting project has been a "by the book" Hirst arts water cavern. It has been fun for me to scrap together and I like the idea that if you need more...just cast it. Not only do I have the stuff below but I have tons of barrels, crates, grain sacks and the like which could easily fit in with my wester town.
And don't get me started on the Dwarven Forge Game Tiles Kickstarer... I have pictures of those if anyone is interested...

 I based these on 1/8 Masonite to match up with the Dwarven Forge Gametiles, plus I had a TON of it in my garage from all of my various projects.

So many was to get distracted...

We Got a Rattler Problem!?

Hello...Hello??? I am not sure if any one is out there anymore or ever were. If you were, I apologize I have had a severe case of project ADD. I have been able to recently work on something I have had sitting on my bench for nearly a year. I have been so bad.

I give to you my Baby Rattler from my favorite game world ever Deadlands.

Here he is waiting on my "mobile command center." This is how he sat waiting for me to work on him.

He is made from a Reaper Bones Purple Worm with Tentacles from a Reaper conversion sprue and a Monsterpocolpse by Privateer Press (My son Loves those things.) And I like farming them for tentacles, they have been cheap at my local 5 Below stores.

Here he sits awaiting some flock and gravel to round out the base. I also plan to make a gargantuan version (5x5 base at least0 out of the insulation foam I have been stock piling in my garage.