Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Glimpse of Ghostwater, Utah...

LeMort and Sons are the undertakers in Ghostwater. There is LaMort senior, the embalmer, and his two sons who retrieve the "customers" - needless to say they do a brisk business in Ghostwater!

The Abernathy is about the only good plate of grub in the town. Clay Driscoll is the cook and after years on various cattle drive chow lines he learned more than a thing or two about cooking up some mean vittles.

Marshal Brodie Buchanan is exactly what Ghostwater needs to have any semblance of law and order. A Union soldier during the Civil War, Marshal Buchanan has seen more than his fair share of bad men as well as a few things he'd like to forget - bottom line he always seems to live to tell about it.

Trimmel's General Store is a gold mine in the middle of Ghostwater. It seems this place has just about one of everything. The place is a mess and it takes some looking at times, but if you need it - no matter how odd - Ed Trimmel probably has one!

The Utah Apothecary is run by Chase Ashby, he's an inventor of sorts, though his contraptions never seem work quite right. His main line however is mixing up remedies for whatever ills torment the folks of Ghostwater. He and Doc Zane have a good working relationship and between the two of them they keep the townsfolk as healthy as they can be.

Folks are mighty proud of their dwellings on the outskirts of Ghostwater, as some say, "this berg is set fer a boom!"

...that is unless there's a bear in the neighborhood!

Boxing matches always draw a crowd, Doc Zane and Deputy Zip Bennet is always eager to call a fight for a couple dollars!

Gunfights are another common occurrence, and also draw a crowd, Deputy Zip Bennet runs to these for a different reason!

Ghostwater is not above some oddity as well. Here we see the famous Texas Ranger CW Stackpole with a pair of preachers facing down a pair of Nosferatu  with Mr. LaMort in the distance wondering if he's going to have a few "clients" soon.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Force to be Reckoned With...


Dropped on the doorstep of a Nevada mission as a baby, with only an odd silver medallion on him, "Breck" was raised by Father Ramirez who quickly realized that the kid he was raising was destined for greater things for the Lord. Having a real talent for shooting and fighting and generally being rough and tumble it was quickly determined that Breck was to be a physical manifestation of the Lords wrath as a killer of all things supernaturally evil.

Charlie Darby

The only daughter of a New Mexico homesteader, Charlie was raised as the boy her daddy never had. One disastrous day Charlie's home was attacked by a beast, her daddy hid her and went to face the beast and his doom. Hearing it all happen Charlie grabbed her daddy's pistol, tracked, shot and killed it. It was a werewolf and luckily her daddy loaded up silver bullets. After killed the lycanthrope turned back into its natural state, the governor's son, and Charlie knew she had trouble. The governor vowed to find his son's killer and Charlie is now on the run.

Claiborne Montgomery

Kit Conway is a silver tongued gambler with a little more than a spare ace up his sleeve. Ace Hanlon is a man who never really likes to use the same name twice, and that has helped Chuck Flynn escape arrest or retribution on many an occasion. Currently Chip Wallace is looking into mining rights in California which he acquired in a game of chance and hopes his big payday has come through. Woodcock Johnson is heading west to California with a group he doesn't have much familiarity with, but they seem fully capable of protecting him. If they are not Charlie Daniels is more than able to take care of himself as a disciple of Hoyle.

Dr. Justinian Von Cogelson

Dr. Justinian Von Cogelson is a man literally wrapped in mystery. "Cog's" is a Swede by dissent and one of the sharpest minds in mechanical engineering in the west. Things went wrong one evening when Cog's was trapped in his lab as it burst into flames. Cog's barely survived, he woke nearly a week after the blaze, badly burned and with mental maladies that left Cogs with serious delusions. Cog's learned soon after the accident that it was no accident at all. His partner, Richard Reeds, set the blaze and stole all of Cog's work. Cog's now vows vengeance against his former partner and seeks him out at all costs! (See "The Doctor Is In!)

C.W. Stackpole

C.W. Stackpole, "Stack" to his friends, is a Texas Ranger of some repute. After surviving a terrible encounter that left him "demon-scarred" during the Civil War, Stack got a keen sense of the supernatural and as Texas Ranger is empowered to be judge and jury as to the danger of any said supernatural beings or occurrences  Stack is an even keeled man with an uncomfortably high beard on his face. His best friend is his LeMat pistol  which carries the name "The Coffin Nailer" due to the interesting circumstances surrounding the destruction of his previous LeMat, which was his pappy's.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tentacles anyone?

My son got this rubberish Octopus on a trip to the local aquarium and I had wanted to cut it up an use it for my own devices for years. Till I saw a post at Ben's RPG Pile and I realized that they sell that same octopus on Amazon for cheaper than the local aquarium. I bought two and this is what I did with them. I based the Tentacles on one inch fender washers. Than I took some magnet business cards and stuck them to a 2 inch and 3 inch wooden discs (bought at Michael's) and painted everything black. I went with black to kinda follow the D&D miniature scheme (as well as the base sizes) and to just keep it versatile, so it could be a water, land or whatever monster. All this and Max still has his rubberish Octopus from our trip to the local aquarium. That is until I finally build that Mojave Rattler I have been itching to make...

P.S. if you haven't checked out Ben's RPG Pile you should really cool use of the Hurst Arts molds. Cool Stuff!