Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tentacles anyone?

My son got this rubberish Octopus on a trip to the local aquarium and I had wanted to cut it up an use it for my own devices for years. Till I saw a post at Ben's RPG Pile and I realized that they sell that same octopus on Amazon for cheaper than the local aquarium. I bought two and this is what I did with them. I based the Tentacles on one inch fender washers. Than I took some magnet business cards and stuck them to a 2 inch and 3 inch wooden discs (bought at Michael's) and painted everything black. I went with black to kinda follow the D&D miniature scheme (as well as the base sizes) and to just keep it versatile, so it could be a water, land or whatever monster. All this and Max still has his rubberish Octopus from our trip to the local aquarium. That is until I finally build that Mojave Rattler I have been itching to make...

P.S. if you haven't checked out Ben's RPG Pile you should really cool use of the Hurst Arts molds. Cool Stuff!


  1. Nice, could be a useful addition to my pirate games :-)

  2. Good idea!
    Looks like you don't even need to repaint them, straight on the table to snatch some unlucky hero!

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