Monday, August 1, 2011

My photographer, Will.

My buddy Will is good enough to take some pics of my minis.
If I had to do that and paint them I don't know what I would do!

 The Colorful Kid in all of his glory!
 Iron Winds mini I have always liked (not sure why) maybe its the pose....
 An old Glory I really like just because of the fact he is carrying a saddle.
Shannon O'Conner fearless Agent...probably the biggest butt kicker in our Deadlands Classic Campaign.
No one ever called Cat Abernathy a helpless little lady - at least not to her face!

Leander green, a blacksmith with stone hands!

Atwood Dunbar

Folks are torn as to whether Mormon Kid Embree is faster with his mouth or his Colts, care to find out?
I dare you to call Charlie Darby Charlene, I double dare you!
 Pierce, the most feared bounty hunter in the weird west!

 McTavish, mountain man extraordinaire, he's not called Mad Man McTavish fer nothin!

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