Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Strange Case of Doctor Von Coggleson

The Good Doctor Coggleson in his search for a cure for his lycanthropy, a ghost-rock induced delusion. With the "help" of one Doctor Richard Reeds, Dr. Von Coggleson was unaware of the impending betrayal by Reeds. It left Von Coggleson permanently and horribly scarred (ugly as Sin, in game terms) But worst of all with out many of the blueprints to his amazing inventions. 
Mini by Steve Jackson Games, Hand by Games Workshop, Head by Pulp Figures and Hair by Green Stuff.

I promise to try and take better pictures in the future...


  1. Looks an interesting concept. Check you camera has a 'macro' function, or don't get too close with it, looks like its focussing beyond the intended model...

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  3. What I tried to say above was thanks for the suggestions and thanks for checking out the blog.