Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some of the Buildings

 Telegraph Office and the Ace High Saloon (both Arnica)
 Shed and a to be named Building (I am talking suggestions) Both again are Arnica
 This is the Ghost Water Gazette (I have since added a sign...Arnica)
 Not sure what this building is, will again take suggestions. (Arnica)
 The Abernathy Restaurant, my very first venture into scratch building...
 the Utah Apothecary by Hovel...
 Marshal's Office by Kilroy Productions.
 This was the fruits of a trade and even came painted...but I do not recall the manufacturer.
 Gun Shop by Arnica Montana.
 The Undertakers by Arnica, scratch built enclosure on the side and coffins by Kilroy Productions.
 Tremmel's General Store by Hovel.
The Bostonian by Arnica Montana.

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