Monday, August 1, 2011

High Noon in Ghostwater

 Brodie Buchanan hears trouble brewing
 Cat Abernathy has her street howitzer ready
 Out come the hero's from the saloon
Isaiah "Black Hand" Iron's and Running Blood with a gunhand
 The Mormon Kid is ready to clear leather
Zip's got a good spot as well
Brodie's seen this coming so he's staying put for now
The town freezes, but ready to strike!
another gunhand emerges (this is one of my favorite minis that I have painted.)
 The bad guys are set and ready
 Mormon Kid steps in to even up the numbers
four against four seems fair enough
 Oh wait there's X
He's plenty in the mix from there
One of the gunhands goes for the marshall - bad move!
Shannon takes out the rest
 a two for one special
That just leaves Isaiah Irons and Atwood Dunbar
He might look dirty, but Atwood never had a reason to worry
Shannon O'Conner
The Preacher
Atwood Dunbar
Mr. X

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