Monday, August 1, 2011

The Second Photoshoot

Here's a second early attempt to photograph some miniatures

The town breaks out the artillery cause something weird is going on

 Gunslingers from beyond the grave
 That's a lot to bite off there preacher!
 "There's somethin' spooky out here boys, keep yur eyes peeled!"
Doc Vermillion and Slick Nick Wright, true professionals
It's quiet boys...
too quiet - LOOK ALIVE!
 There's a bear in town and he's a maneater!
 Big Griz!
Even the renegades are spooked and out monster hunting
 The medicine man, he see's something...
What's the old chieftain pointing at?
 Ah yes, the Hangin' Judge
"We're here to commence to clear this prairie of these abominations!"
Devil Bat ambush!
They're everywhere!

 Boys all I hear is screamin!
Webster Black, the lone wolf
 The Earps hot on the trail
Perhaps these are the men behind these strange goings on
 Alright boys we'll be luck to get out with our lives after this night!
 Los Banditio's
Mind the glare off that tin star
 The Colorful Kid has a bead on something
The Colorful Kid and Miss Ellie
 WEREWOLF! I hope you ain't Ma!


  1. Very cool. I've been thinking of doing a few 'scary monsters' scenarios myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Glad I could help. I love me some monsters!

  3. A lovely collection of minis.

    Who makes the devil bat?

  4. Jeff Valent Studios made the Devil Bats as part of the Deadlands Great Rail Wars line. I would keep my eye out if you are interested in getting some...Jeff has said that he is going to be selling his existing stock of the line a a very nice discount because Reaper now has the right to produce DL minis.